My Growing Faith

I am a Christian. 

I was brought up in a Catholic home and went to a Catholic school from Kindergarten to grade 12.  As a teenager I went to Church less and less.  And when I was finally on my own, I never went to Church at all.  Although I would pray to God and talk with him, I never pursued a relationship with him or really knew what that meant.

In the summer of 2002 I got married to a man I loved so very much and still do :)  About three to four years after we got married my curiosity of Jesus began.  Sort of a funny story.  It started with me looking up people from TV shows that I watched as a child.  My husband and I both had a laptop from school and it really was the first time I had internet access 24/7.  One day I look up
Candace Cameron.  I loved watching Full House as a kid and I wanted to see what she was doing now.  I came across her website, at the time it was called "Growing in God with Candace".  And I thought, "Hmmm what is this all about?"  I started reading her site, reading what being a Christian really meant and the importance of having a relationship with Jesus. I signed up for the forum on Candace's site and started talking and asking questions with the other members (like JesusFreak). This is where my curiosity started.  For a few years I kept reading the site and deciding if I should go back to Church and what Church would be right for me.

In the fall of 2008, with my first born, I went to a local Church (The Gathering Point, not there any more) in my area. I knew no one.  I felt so welcomed and now looking back on my experience there, they gave me such a good base for my Christian faith They taught what having a relationship with Jesus is really all about.  It was at that Church I said I wanted to live for the Lord.  I tweed Candace this and she replied with a "WhooHoo". 

As time went on, I really struggled with my husband being a non believer (says he'll never will be). I was conflicted about going to Church, and going to Church related activities.  I felt sad at times going to Church with out my husband, especially seeing other husbands there with their families.  I would picture them praying at home together as a family, reading the Bible together. I was sad that I didn't have that. I felt a distance from the Church. But It was all me. Me and my feelings about how things should have been.  Truth is my husband didn't/doesn't mind me taking the kids to Church, praying with them, reading the Bible.  He never did. (I'll be writing on post on this paragraph in the future)
It wasn't until the summer of 2013 that I realized it is not my job to change my husband in to a believer, it is God's job.  I felt such weight lifted off my shoulders with that realization. It gave me a different outlook.

I am now, at this point in my life I am wanting, craving that deeper relationship with Jesus. I found a great Church (we moved) and a great group of women who want to know Jesus more and what the Bible says about living a Christian life.  We have started a Bible Study together, we pray together, we encourage each other.

I'll be writing about my faith, but let me say I am not an expert in the Scriptures or how things should be done or how life should be lived. Faith is a journey and I feel I am just at the beginning. I know God is working on me today and everyday.  Who I am today may not be the person I tomorrow.  I like to say I am Under Construction.

You can follow my journey with the label "Faith"

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