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I am a member of many loyalty programs! 

Every time I hand over my card, I feel a little rush.  My mind starts tallying up the points, how close I am to redeem them and what fun thing can we do as a family.  

I also admit, I rather earn points than not. So, I try to pay most of my purchases with my reward credit card.  I'm not saying that I go max my card to earn points, but I do use my card for everyday purchase that I would normally do/get any way, like gas groceries, coffee, bill payments.  If I am spending money, why not get rewarded? 

It is nice to go out for the afternoon for a meal or a movie and pay under $10.  Here are a few post of how I used our points:

I first wrote about points bac k in July 2012.  Check out that post here

Here are links to programs I'm a part of:
(No one is paying me to put links here)


AirMiles  and  AirMilesShops

By logging in to Air Miles Shops first and then clicking a link to your desired store (Sears, Toys R Us, LL Bean ect) you'll earn AirMiles!

I have my settings 50 / 50.  Fifty for cash and fifty for dream.  My favourite dream reward is movie tickets! A nice treat for date night. 
Cash is great for instant reward such as Sobeys!  If I start now (Jan 1st) I could get quite a bit of money off my Christmas grocery bill.  Or I could use it at Shell for a fun road trip.

To maximize getting rewards, use the coupons that is sent to you, such as 'Buy $50 in a single transaction and get 15 airmiles'.  I also will buy the gift cards ex, buy $200 (paid with my reward credit card) and get 95 airmiles.  

Some surveys will also offer AirMiles as a reward.  Such as Web Perspective

Credit Cards 
Everyone has their preferred choice of card and rewards.  
What is your favourite reward card?  I like having the option for travel or gift cards.  

Like I said above I don't max the card for the points, but I will set a budget for the week and put most money on my card to earn points.  And I only have one credit card. 

There are still who like to use cash, so it may not work for all. 

Petro Points

Sign up Here
 I like Petro because I earn points for every dollar I spend.  If I spend $25, I'll get points for $25, compared to other loyalty programs where I would spend  $25, I would only get rewarded for the $20.  

But if you love AirMiles, then it would be great to shop at gas stations that offer airmiles.  My suggestion would be get the most out of it.  One offer I just did was spend $100 at Sobeys in a single transaction and spend $50 at Shell, and get 100 airmiles.  That I could not pass up.

Another gas station that offers points per dollar is Esso.  Click here to sign up!

Other Loyalty Programs:

Shoppers Optimum 

Esso Extra

Like all things, check it out for yourself and decide what fits you best.

What are your favourite Loyalty Programs?

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