Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Pregnant Baby Number 4

Early September I found out I was pregnant with baby number four.  Tomorrow, I'll be 16 weeks. With three other kids to care for, the time is going by fairly quickly. It seems like morning sickness for me is worst after 12 weeks than before 12 weeks.  If I get sick in the morning, it is so hard to get things done the rest of the day.

First ultra sound, around 12 weeks

We are excited and looking forward to meeting the newest member of the family.  Rio really wants a sister.  She has a bunk bed in her room, so she is ready.  Easton doesn't really understand and Jovy is happy to have another friend to play with.

As with the other two pregnancies, I have gestational diabetes.  I am already on insulin three times a day, four needles.  Two in the morning, one at supper and one before bed.  When I first got my blood work done, my sugars were fine.  A few weeks later, at the baby doctor they were not.  It is hard, especially being more busy with the older kids activities (hockey, hockey, hockey) but I have doing my best. I still have trouble remembering to take snacks for myself and my glucose meter though.

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