Thursday, May 3, 2012

Good Afternoon!
I'm here waiting for R to settle down and sleep. J is on the couch with a blanket watching 'Imagination Movers'. I call this time after lunch - Quite Time.  There's sound coming from R's room "Mom", "Up", "Baby"  and what sounds like a Thomas the Train Whistle.  

So far, I have been in her room once.  I thought she might have to go potty.  I brought her to the bathroom, she point pointed her figure towards the door, indicating she wanted me leave.  I stepped out of the bathroom and she closed to the door behind me to make sure I didn't come in.  A few minutes later R was clapping. The job was done, it was again time for bed.

R went down late for her nap today, we were out picking up a few items for the weekend.  It's hubby's birthday this weekend and we (just me and him) are having a rare romantic night away.  Nanny (hubby's mom) is coming over to take care of the kids. Yea!! And Thank You!!  I wanted to make sure I had easy meals for her to prepare.  Next on the check list - housework!

We don't have the a clothes line, but I love the smell of clothes dried on the line.  So I use my drying rack on the deck. It may sound a little odd, but I really enjoy doing this task.  Sometimes when it's really windy, the rack will fall down.  Do I mind?  Not really.  The drying rack does a pretty decent job.  And the clothes smell great!  Just put out my second load!

If you look closely, J's car mat is under the drying rack.  Those Christmas lights I see?  No, they are seasonal lights :)

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