Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Blog

I will be start a new blog soon. 
 In the next few weeks I will be closing down this blog,
but will be posting some of my favourite posts to the new blog. 
Hope to See you There!
Starting February 2nd

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

We Had Our Baby

I am happy to announce that we had our baby on
Sunday, September 28th! 

We had a Boy!

 He is super sweet and loves to cuddle.  J and Ri just love him.  Before school and after J wants to hold him.  J tells hims friends at school, he can not wait to go home and hold his little brother.  Ri likes holding him and seeing what he is doing.  But mostly she still does her own thing.

Saturday night, the 27th I started having contractions.  The kids were in bed and Terry and I were watching the movie "What to expect when you're expecting".  I had contractions before but they always stopped.  This time they didn't.  They were eight minutes a part.

Terry called his mom, I had a shower and got the odds and ends ready.  We headed up to the hospital about 1:30am.  They monitored me for about twenty minutes.  The machine monitored my contractions and the baby's heart beat.  Contractions were now five minutes a part.  They admitted me and brought me to the birthing room.

They hooked to me up to several ivs.  One insulin, one saline.  The contractions were coming harder and stronger.  I asked for an epidural.  I went drug free with Ri and although I am happy to have that experience, I didn't want it again.

It took about an hour and a half for the epidural to kick in, for me to feel comfortable.  Soon it was time to push and Sam was born very quickly.  It was the best delivery of all three.  Sam was born at 6:45am. He weighed 6lbs 14oz.  It was a long night but we had this sweet baby.

After he was delivered, Terry says it's a boy!  We didn't know what we were having.  Terry, his mom, my mom, most of our friends though we were having a girl.  They were surprised.

We have been home now over a week and things are going good.

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Third Time

It has been the third time (and I don't mean baby) I have been really sick with the stomach flu while being pregnant.

The first time happened late December, early January.  I was just pregnant and didn't know at the time.  We were all sick, throwing up and diarrhea.  And for some reason, it lasted longer and harder with me.  Every twenty twenty minutes I was to the bathroom getting sick.  It lasted over 12 hours.  I was in such pain and all I could do was lie there and wait for the urge to go back to the bathroom.

Then in late June, it happened to me again.  Another day of throwing up and I ended up going to the hospital that evening.  I wrote about it here. 

And the third time happened yesterday.  J got sick during the night.  In his bed, on his floor, in the bathroom.  We put him in the bath and cleaned up his room.  It was then decided he wouldn't go to school in the morning.

About 5:00am, I woke up not feeling good.  I went out in the living room and watched tv.  About 5:30am, I started getting sick.  Around 6:00am, Ri joined me and she too started getting sick.  

J slept in til about 9:00am.  He didn't feel good, but he didn't get sick any more.  Ri felt horrible and continued getting sick til after lunch. Me on the other hand, I continued to get sick until 7:00pm that evening.  Ri and I also had a fever which was different from the other times we were sick.

I don't know how I made it made it through the day.  I called the doctor and he told me not to take my rapid insulin and to go up to Labor and Delivery if I felt dehydrated.  I didn't go up.

Today we are feeling better.  Not a 100 percent but better.  

And yes, I am still pregnant.  Ri's birthday is next week.  There might be a shared birthday. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Over Due

I am official Over Due!

Yesterday was the expected due date for baby number three.  Did I expect to go early? No, but it would have been a nice experience.  Last week, I did pack the baby's bag, but I have yet to pack my own.  Tomorrow ...... definitely tomorrow.

Today I had a doctor's appointment and just like last week, afterwards I went to the hospital for a stress test.  They put baby on the monitor and I got to listen to baby's heart beat.  It was nice to hear. 

I sent a voice note (of the baby's heart beat) to Terry.  He got some people at his work to listen to the heartbeat with the question, "What do you think this sound is?"  A lot of the answers "A galloping horse!"  Nope, our baby.  Baby is doing good.  Too good, she/he doesn't want to leave. 

It is Ri's birthday next week.  I am a little nervous about how close their birthdays will be and how much I can do with Ri for her birthday this year.  She is talking about going to Jungle Jims for her birthday.  I am thinking some sort of Frozen gift would be really, really well received.

Because I am on insulin with gestational diabetes, I have been on the list to be introduced.  I am really happy that I talked with the nurse today because I was on the understanding that I would receive the gel treatment like I did with Ri.  But no, they are going to break my water and go from there.  So, whenever I head in the hospital, it will be go time.  

But maybe I'll go on my own.........

Monday, September 8, 2014

A Cute Ri Story

A while ago I had an ultra sound.  Nanny offered to watch Ri for me. She came and got Ri just before lunch and brought her back just before supper.

During supper, the kids were getting restless, wanting to leave the table.  I offered the suggestion of telling daddy three things they did that day.  J talked about going outside for lunch.  

 When it was time for Ri to speak, she turned to Terry and said "Me and your mom...." We started laughing, so cute 'Me and your mom".  Ri continued to tell her story of she and Terry's mom washed the car together. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

My Favourite Rice Meal - Ever

This is my  
 Favourite Rice Meal
But then again I Love, Love Rice.  
It's like fried rice with out the fried.

So Yummy!

What you Need:

Can use turkey bacon.  
I use more bacon then shown

 I used white minute rice.  
Hubby prefers rice from the rice cooker, but I was in a rush this day. 
Brown rice also good. 
 Scrambled Eggs

Skinless, boneless, chopped up

What to do: 

the chicken, eggs and bacon together
then add the rice
add soya sauce

 The End Result

Just add some vegetables to make if whole meal.
I don't really measure. But you can't go wrong with lots of chicken, eggs, bacon and veggies. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

After School

I was waiting anxiously all school day, waiting for the time to go pick J up from school.  Finally it was time.  As soon as J saw me, he ran to me, "Mom!"  I asked how his day was and he said "Good" with a big smile on his face.  I knew he meant it.  But being a very pregnant hormonal mommy, I checked with the teacher.  And confirmed that they had a great day, lots of fun.

We made chocolate chip cookies when we got home and I was asking him questions about his day.  They had gym, music, played out side for recess and lunch.  I did ask about Ad, his eyes went down.  I learned they did play together at recess but on opposite teams.  He sat with different kids.  As, a reminder I told him he had lots of other friends in the class.  I think he is ok go in the morning.  Maybe I was worrying more than I should?  But like any other mom, I don't like seeing my kids hurt.