Monday, December 30, 2013

Name Change

Going to be changing the name of my blog, 
Because the more I think about it.......
I'm never 
Getting Out of the Pajamas.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Epicure Selections

I rarely blog about Epicure. But I am an Independent Consultant and Love, Love their products.  At first there were only a few items not gluten free, but now they all products are gluten free! Which is really great for a person like me who has celiac disease.

You hear the stories "I love the product so much I joined!"  Well, it is true for me too.! 
I'm an Independent Consultant. 

Here are some pictures from my Epicure Facebook Site:

One of my Favourites!  Pizza Seasoning!  We don't even use pasta sauce anymore, just Epicure Pizza Seasoning.   
Terry says it takes the 
bitterness taste out of the gluten free  pizza dough. 

Another favourites of the family!  Rosemary Garlic Oven Fries Seasoning.
We make roasters.

Herb and Garlic Dip Mix.  So many uses!
We add to butter for garlic bread.
We make dip for veggies and dip.
We add seasoning to meat. 

Gravy!  So nice to have gluten free gravy mix!  
Add some French Onion Dip Mix for a different flavour.

 Salsa Mix!
So yummy!  And Spicy!  Just add more for a bigger kick!

As the summer turns into fall, I'm hoping to be posting more Epicure!

Here's my Website!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Standoff with a Five Year Old

For the most part I write about happy, cute things about the kids.  When I started to blog, I decided that I wanted to write more upbeat, happy post than not.  However, as everyone knows, it is always not happy, happy all the time. 

Personally, I have felt that sometimes I was the only one having a rough time putting my little one to bed or some other behaviour issue.  But it wasn't true.  For some reason, parents don't really talk about it, or should I say my friends don't really talk about it.  I remember reading a post status on facebook, something along the lines of "Exorcism must have been invented by parents of three year olds, who though there was no way their child could act that way all on their own." (I wish I could have remember who wrote it.)  After reading that, I thought, "Ok, I'm not alone, it is not only my child"

Keep Calm 
Parent On

The Stand Off:
J hit Ri.  So, that is a time out.  I put a chair in Nanny's galley kitchen.  He had to sit there. I stood in the door way and set the timer on the microwave.  He didn't want to have a time out.  He stood up.  I told him I wasn't going to start the time out until he sat down.  J continued to tell me that I would get hungry because he wasn't going to sit and we would be here 'forever'. He banged the cupboard doors a few times, looking at me, waiting for me to react. I didn't.  Once he saw it wasn't working.  He just stood there.

This went on for a while.  Ri came to me and told me she had to pee.  I told her that was a big girl and that she could go to the washroom herself.  J really thought that I would leave and he would have his chance to run away.  Within a few minutes he sat down.  But he took off his sprint and threw it over my head.  I picked it up and handed it to him.  Once again, I told him I wasn't going to start the timer until he put it on.  

He sat there for a bit holding the splint.  And then somewhat of a miracle happened, he put on his splint.  I started the timer and he sat in his time out. 

It is not always easy being a parent. Especially when you compare your reality to a TV family or a blog family where everything seems easy and nice. And that is just what it is 'seems', everyone has challenges.  Your not alone.  You can do it!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Our Valley Summer

We are into the second month of living in the Valley.  Somethings are easy.  Somethings are hard.  But always an adventure.
Here are a few pics of what we've been up

 It's been warm and muggy.  This was one of the hottest.


We played in the sand and we played in the water. 

We ate ice cream and went for hikes

 We went out to eat a few times.

We watched Terry take his first flight instruction.

                          J played ball and Ri played on the swings

 We went for drives

 We checked out books and programs at the library

 We went to the ocean

 We got caught in the rain

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Jesus Got You

I love Jesus and I believe the gospel.  I have always prayed and believed in God.  I didn't always believe in the Bible, well parts of it.  I was a 'cafeteria believer', I picked and chose what I thought was true. I didn't know much of the Bible, about praying, or what it meant to be saved.  In my mind I wasn't Christian, I was Catholic.  And that was about it.

Going to Church when I was younger, I didn't really get it.  I went to a Catholic school looked up scripture, but still didn't get it.  Not the fault of anyone or organization really.  I didn't really get it and I didn't go look for answers or ask any questions and that was fine by me.  I believed in God and he loved us.  That is far as it went for me.  As I got older I would still pray, but I never looked in my Bible, seek out a Church or have any 'Christian Friends.' What would they look like?

As years went on, I became more curious. I bought a Bible, started reading it.  Looked up information on the internet and eventually started going to Church.  It was then I started to understand that it is not about religion but a relationship with God.  I also started to understand the importance and the value, the comfort of belonging to a Church family. 

Where am I on my journey with my relationship with God?  
I'm still on flat ground, haven't made it to the stairs yet. 

Sunday I went to a Church in the valley.  My second time to the same Church. My mil came with me and the kids for support.  It is a hard step to venture out, put yourself out there, knowing no one, wanting to be befriended and wanted and welcomed.  But that is the thing with Church you are always welcomed.

Just before communion.  The pastor talked about letting go, if we are harvesting something, let it go.  As I was praying, talking to God, my attention turned toward a dad sitting in the row ahead of me.  He had his newborn son, pulled up close to his face, cuddling him and the dad kept saying "I got you.  I got you. I got you".  This new dad was comforting his son, loving his son and reassuring him that he would take care of him always, be there for him always. It was like seeing how God loves us,  and how he will take care of us and be there for us always. I started crying, it was such a profound moment for me.  I understood it, I felt it. 

Jesus got you

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Not So Private Converstations with Ri

 One day Ri and I were in the change room of a provincial park.  We were putting on our swimsuits before heading to the sand.  Very loudly she said "Mom, I can see your private parts".  

Another day we out, Ri and I were in a public washroom stall.  In a loudish voice, she says happily "You have a big bum"  and then a few seconds later she added "I have a little bum."

Friday, July 26, 2013

A Mama Knows - Trust Yourself

 If I had do this experience over again, I would have done it differently. I have leaned from this and am a better mom for it.   I hope my experience will help you, if something similar happens and to be confident in yourself as a mama.

Sunday night Ri was sleeping and J was in the living room with us.  Nanny found this great treasure at frenchy's on Saturday.  A very cool Hot Wheels road that hangs on the wall.  All the pieces for $3.50.  He was playing very nicely with it, I even remarked how quiet he was being.  J was standing on a chair and he fell.  He started crying.  We rush over to him, pick him up, give him cuddles and when he calms down, we check him out.  Some red on his shoulder and his leg.  He says his arm hurts.

The great $3.50 find and the chair J was standing on

We looked over his arm, no swelling, looked like the other arm.  As Terry touched his arm, some places hurt, other places didn't.  We put an ice pack on it and he slept in bed with us that night. 

In the morning, he said it still hurt, but he wasn't crying, it wasn't swollen or bruised. He played like normal, running after Ri,  but I noticed that he wasn't using it.  If I would hand him something, he would take it with his other hand, the good one.  

I knew/thought there was something wrong.  I called 811, they suggested to go to a physician.  I thought so too, but it is nice to get a conformation.  Being in a new area,  we don't have a family doctor and the walk in clinics I found started taking patients at 5pm.  So, I called my family and got an appointment for the afternoon.  

The kids and I hopped in the van and drove an hour and a half to see the doctor.  Our family doctor wasn't in, but we saw the doctor on call.  He looked a J's arm, asked a few questions and got J to do a few things.  Things that didn't make J's arm hurt.  When the doctor did something to J's arm, the doctor would ask "Does this hurt?"  J would say 'no'.  I was in a little disbelief and thinking to myself "Why is he saying it doesn't hurt?".  The doctor said he didn't think it was broke, but he could give me a x-ray requisition for my 'peace of mind'.  I declined because now J was saying it didn't hurt and the doctor didn't think it was broken.  (That was Mistake #2, I should have taken the x-ray and got it done that afternoon).

I feel horrible now, but I was a little mad that we did a total of a three hour drive and J said his hand didn't hurt.  But by that evening, I noticed that he was still favouring his other arm, and I thought there has to be something wrong.  

At supper time, when Nanny asked "Why didn't you tell the doctor your arm hurt?"  J answered "He didn't get me to do anything to make my arm to hurt".  Wow!  Arrows in my heart!  The doctor didn't get J to do anything to make his arm hurt and I didn't add anything to the conversation.  Felt like the worst mom in the world. 

So, I call up my family doctor to send the local hospital an x-ray requisition.   They did and we go to the hospital and get an x-ray done.  They told me they would send the results to my family doctor.  I thought, 'ok, it can't be that serious or they wouldn't let us leave.'  

The next day I call my family doctor and find out J has a buckle fracture. 

"Buckle fractures occur when the child lands on an outstretched hand. Children complain of wrist pain and refuse to use the arm. The child may identify one area of the wrist as the most painful. The arm is not obviously deformed.

The bones compress creating a "buckle" or bump on the dorsal surface of the bones, which can be seen on an X-ray. The opposite side of the bone appears normal."

Read more at Live Strong

I asked 'What do I do?"  She would get back to me.  They weren't sure if the hospital had taken care of J or not, so she had to talk to our doctor.  She tells me J needs a cast and to go up to the hospital. They will call the hospital and fax papers.

We go up to the hospital, they have the information.  The doctor on duty, recommends a brace (it will cost money) compared to a cast (free) because it can be taken off during bath time and quite time like colouring.  He said, that happened to his daughter and he chose the brace.  I told him I didn't care about the money and went with the brace on the recommendation of the doctor (Mistake #3 maybe? ha!) .   Our insurance did pay for the brace because I asked for the doctor to write it down and sign it.  I thought if my insurance didn't pay for it, I could claim it for income tax with the doctor's note.

Over all the brace is pretty good ( I don't have a cast to compare it). The only problem I have with the brace is that J can take it off.  He is suppose to  sleep with it.  He'll go to bed with it, but he'll come out in the morning with it off.  But it was nice at bath time, to be able to take it off.

J and his brace.  He is looking more pitiful than he feels. 

J needs to be in the brace for four weeks and out of ball for three.  He doesn't seem to mind and is doing really good.