Thursday, May 18, 2017

Meeting Hunter

Friday after school, the kids came to meet Hunter for the first time. Terry had told them about Hunter needing an IV and that we had to spend a couple of days in the hospital. They were a little sad, but they were happy to finally meet Hunter. 

 Easton seeing Hunter for the first time.

 Rio's reaction

 Jovy seeing Hunter

 Hunter is crying. Easton is trying to console him. 
But instead of saying "Shhh.." it is more of a blowing out a candle.

Our Kids!

While me and Hunter were at the hospital, Terry did an amazing job with the kids at home. School, lunches, meals. He did it all.  I am thankful for him and our family and friends. Nanny watched Easton and the kids so Terry could come see us at night. A good friend of mine picked up our kids from school. Women at our Church brought us meals the first week home.  It was was nice to go home.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Low Blood Sugar

After Hunter was born, they checked his blood sugar.  It was low.  With having gestational diabetes with two previous pregnancies, I was aware of this routine, but this was a first with a baby having low blood sugar.

Just before midnight on the day (Thursday) he was born, the nurses again came to check his sugar. Still low. But this time it was low enough that they needed the lab to come up to do blood work.  Well, the lady, maybe she was new, took a half hour to get blood from Hunter.  He was screaming so hard and it was difficult to watch. I felt helpless and I just wanted to shove her away from him. Finally it was over and I cuddled him and cried and cried.

Hours old

 A little later, the nurse came back and said Hunter needed an IV.  I was heart broken.  I was still upset about how the lab work went and now Hunter needed an IV.  I cried and didn't say anything. I let the nurses take him. I prayed, wrote in my mom's group for prayer and texted Terry.  With a heavy heart I  made my way to Hunter.  To my surprise, he was not crying.  One nurse was letting Hunter suck her gloved finger, she gave him some liquid for pain. The other nurse put in the IV.

Hunter with an IV

The procedure of the IV went great, much better than the collecting of the blood.  I was very thankful.  Hunter didn't seem bothered by the IV at all.  He slept, he nursed. The only issue with the IV was some movements made the monitor beep and the nurses had to keep coming in. Sometimes five times in a half hour. 


They did have to increase his dose.  But by late Saturday night, the doses came down and by Sunday early morning, Hunter's IV was unhooked.  We came home Sunday afternoon.  This had been the longest stay in the hospital with baby.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Baby Makes Four

 April 27th we welcomed our fourth baby in to the world.  
Hunter Wesley was born at 6:13pm.

Just a few minutes old

This pregnancy like the two before, I ended up with gestational diabetes. From almost the beginning of pregnancy, I was on insulin. This pregnancy included almost daily sickness and for the first time, lots and lots of heartburn.  

The original due date was April 29th, but the doctor said he would induce a few days early.  A Thursday morning, we get a call from the hospital to go in for 8am. We rushed getting the kids out the door for school, Nanny came over to watch Easton and we headed to the hospital. At first the plan was a gel treatment, come home, go back for another gel treatment in the afternoon. I had planned on making supper, getting the crib out of storage, but the baby had another plan. Hunter's heartbeat had dropped twice for no reason. So, they decided to admit me.

Baby Hunter

Around 4pm, the doctor broke my water.  Things went fast from there. It took a bit to get me in a room. Then the nurse had to hook up my iv. As this was going on, the contractions started happening really close together and more painful.  When I asked for the epidural, the person was tied up and I knew I was in trouble.

I squeezed Terry's hand and my mind went in a fuzzy zone.  The nurse offered me laughing gas. That I have to say, had no effect at all. Truthfully it was a pain to use.  Soon, it was time to push and I begged Jesus to help me.  Hunter was born at 6:13 pm.  And just like that the pain was over, and I was holding my 8lb 3.7oz baby.  

The nurse laid him on my chest. He was so sweet, bright eyed, looking around and he peed on me.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Back to Blogging

After having a long break from blogging. I think I am ready to get back into it. Still thinking about a name change.  But will continue from this old blog, lots of memories stored here.

I am still keeping up with our other blog, Family by the Sea , about our adventure of working on a piece of property.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Our Weekend

 Sunday, a walk in the woods

This weekend was a long weekend. Remembrance Day was on Friday.  Kids were off school and Terry was home from work.  We didn't go to a service this year, but we did watch on tv.  The kids were really good and asking questions.  But after lunch, it was like there was a full moon the night before.  There was a lot of fighting and hurt feelings all around within the kids play. Luckily Jovy had hockey around supper time and the time out was good for everyone.  The kids came back refreshed.

My birthday was on Saturday. Terry and I went out to celebrate with a movie Thursday night. We saw Jack Reacher.  I liked the movie, Terry thought it was okay.  Saturday, we went to work on the property. It was my choice to go, it was kinda cold but we got a lot done.  You can read more about it here.

The Property

Sunday Rio went to a birthday party about 20 minutes from where we live.  We all went for the drive. While Rio was at the party, we went on a walking trail in the woods and check out the mall.

One of the activities on the trail 

Late afternoon, we headed back home taking the 'back way' instead of the highway.  I kept feeding the kids snacks and it was a pleasant drive. Then it was back to the routine of supper and bedtime.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Pregnant Baby Number 4

Early September I found out I was pregnant with baby number four.  Tomorrow, I'll be 16 weeks. With three other kids to care for, the time is going by fairly quickly. It seems like morning sickness for me is worst after 12 weeks than before 12 weeks.  If I get sick in the morning, it is so hard to get things done the rest of the day.

First ultra sound, around 12 weeks

We are excited and looking forward to meeting the newest member of the family.  Rio really wants a sister.  She has a bunk bed in her room, so she is ready.  Easton doesn't really understand and Jovy is happy to have another friend to play with.

As with the other two pregnancies, I have gestational diabetes.  I am already on insulin three times a day, four needles.  Two in the morning, one at supper and one before bed.  When I first got my blood work done, my sugars were fine.  A few weeks later, at the baby doctor they were not.  It is hard, especially being more busy with the older kids activities (hockey, hockey, hockey) but I have doing my best. I still have trouble remembering to take snacks for myself and my glucose meter though.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Buckle Fracture

Three years ago, it was Jovy with a buckle fracture, now it is Rio with a buckle fracture.  
It happened Friday evening. 

Taken on Sunday when we were out looking for Pokemon

Friday evening, Jovy and Rio were outside playing.  Terry was home from work.  Easton was sleeping. I called the kids in, but only Rio came in with some stuff animals.  She wanted to go back out, I said no at first.  But then I changed my mind and said, "Okay, but tell Jovy to come in."  Yes, she said happily as she went out the door.

Before I knew it, I heard her crying.  I looked out the window and saw Jovy with the soccer ball. At first, I thought Jovy might have kicked the ball towards her.  Then I saw her holding her arm and I knew something else happened.

The kids had tied a skipping rope on a branch, Rio was holding on to it and swinging from it.  One of the handles came off and Rio fell.  "I sort of knew I shouldn't have been doing it" Rio said between the tears, "But it was super fun", followed by more tears.

Her hand did not swell, she could move her fingers. Rio kept holding her arm and saying it hurt. The way she was holding her arm reminded me of Jovy when he hurt his arm. We called Nanny to watch Easton and we headed to the hospital.

When we first arrived, Rio got checked out by the nurse.  As with Jovy at the doctor's office, the nurse got Rio to move her fingers and hand up and down and asked if it hurt. Rio said no.  I then pipped up and asked Rio to move her hand like she was turning a door knob. She did and tears came to her eyes, she said that hurt.

We were at the hospital for just over three hours.  We didn't get home until after midnight.  We were all so tired. 

Rio was upset.  She was hoping that the doctor would tell her nothing was wrong. Rio wouldn't even let me take a picture of her, unlike the time she was smiling on the hospital bed after getting a nail in her foot. 

Rio at the hospital when she stepped on a nail.
 For the first couple of nights, it was hard for her to sleep.  Her arm was too heavy, she was out growing the bandage, it was itchy.  She wanted no pictures taken of herself and she didn't go to Church on Sunday because she didn't want anyone to see.

Rio is doing much better today.  She is sleeping better and is getting use to the bandage. She dresses herself, feeds herself and still plays. Her bandage is really dirty from playing in the dirt. Thursday, Rio has an appointment at the orthopedic fracture clinic, we will see if she gets a cast or a brace like Jovy had. 

After having two kids with buckle fractures, this is what I have learned:
~ both kids could move their hand up and down
~ both kids could move their fingers
~ there was no swelling
~ there was no brusing
~ they would hold their hurt arm
~ the motion of turning a door knob really hurt
~ bruising showed up days later in Jovy, not sure if Rio