Sunday, November 22, 2015

Being a Mom

Some times being a Mom Means ......

~ Crying in the bathroom
~ Wearing stain shirts
~ Going months with out a hair cut 
~ Over looking the dishes on the counters, laundry over flowing, to play cars
~ Questioning the decisions you made
~ Eating a handful of M&Ms every time you enter the kitchen
~ Putting back something on the shelf you wanted in order to buy something for your kids.
~ Having a quickie in the bathroom with your husband while your kids watch cartoons
~ Wearing your pjs all day
~ Wearing your pjs all day and changing into new pjs for bed time
~ Crying at commercials
~ Dealing with tantrums
~ Feeling uncertain of your ability of being a mom 
~ Serving her family a second helping of supper before she had her first
~ Repeating over and over "Please go to sleep, Please to sleep"as you rub your child's hair
~ Putting down your coffee cup and not remembering where you put it
~ Getting out your vechicle in your pajamas during school drop off because your child can not open his/her door
~ Finally sitting down at the supper table with the family only to be asked to get a someone a drink

But mostly being a Mom Means feeling of Love

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Brother and Sister,

 A Biting Story

 Hugs and Love

 Just before this adorable photo was taken, Little I-T bite Ri.  We were at the arena watching J practice.  E for the first time was sitting in his own seat.  They were getting along so well, then all of a sudden I heard screams and cries.  What happened? I asked.  E bite me Ri cried.  E's face looked shocked, but he knew Ri was upset because he kept giving her hugs.  After talking for a bit and a few cuddles Ri was better.  She forgave him and E hugged her more.

For the past week or so, I have seen the relationship grow between Ri and E.  I am not sure if it is because he can do more things now, or if it because he is walking, but they are spending more time together. More time doing things together. They sit at their little table and colour together, they'll eat breakfast together and he loves going in her room and crawling on her bed while she plays with her toys. And sometimes, just sometimes, she'll sit in the grocery cart with him.

A bond between my children is something I pray about.  I image them having back yard bbq's together with their kids running around the yard while they sit, laugh and reminisce about their childhood. Terry and I would be standing on the deck, fresh lemonade in our hands watching our kids, now parents with their spouses. And I would look at Terry with a smile, and he would put his arm around me.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hockey, Hockey, Hockey

Follow my blog with Bloglovin We have become a hockey family.  It started last year when we signed J up for IP.  I was very clueless on the hockey world and would always contact a friend with different questions.  She was patience with me and provided me a lot of information and details.  I like details.

There were a lot of early rises for Terry and J.  On Saturday mornings, J had to be at the rink for 7am. Once a week, Terry would go to work super early so he could come home early to take J to hockey.  Terry's work is an hour drive away. J played twice and week and a few jamborees here and there.  E was so new back then that I didn't make it to many practices.  Terry nor J complained about the early rises.

Last year

This November started a new season of hockey.  But this time it included Ri.  I can not explain enough how much she loves hockey.  We tried t-ball, soccer but she hockey is her thing.  Her gear is so tiny and she doesn't let go of the stick even if she falls.  She gets faster every time she is on the ice. Ri told us the other day she would like to play for the Montreal Canadians.  Ri plays twice a week. Tuesday evenings (another early work day for Terry) and Saturday afternoons. Terry loves seeing his kids play hockey.

The kids in their hockey gear

Now that E is older, I have been going to both kid's hockey practice.  J's is not as early this year, he starts at 8am, but now playing three times a week. Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday morning, J is on the ice.  He has started growing out his hockey hair.  This year though, I think we'll have to do something with the top of his hair, at the end of last season it was harder to get his helmet on. J too loves hockey, he goes on the ice and gives it his all.  His skating skills have developed so much.  Even though J loves hockey, he still says his favourite is baseball.

This afternoon/evening, it will be busy.  The kids both play.  J is up first.  I will take the kids to one arena. About half way through, Terry will come from work and get Ri and bring her to another arena. It is a tag team operation.  After J's hockey we'll meet up at Ri's hockey to watch her.  Then it is home, suppers, showers and bed.

Next year J said he would like to try out for the travel team.  So, that should bring some new adventures. 


Monday, November 16, 2015

My Birthday

It was my birthday last week.  I am 37 years old, which is kinda funny in a way because I thought I was already 37.  Early in the fall I was talking with another mom at Church about mom stuff, we were comparing ages of our kids.  She stated that she was 36, my reply was "I'm 36 too! No, no, I'm 37".  Last birthday must have been a blur with the new addition.

So, I'm 37.  Now what? When you are in your early 20s, late 30s seem so far away, but they are not really.  Throw in school, marriage, work and a couple of kids, late 30s are here before you know it. I am not sure if I am where I thought I would be in life.  In my teen years, I imagined a city life for myself, with wearing high heels daily. Later, that dream turned to marriage and having kids one day.  And here I am today, a wife and a sahm to three children.

 One thing with age, comes experience and growth.  Views change, opinions change (I now Love country music!), reactions change. Things that would upset me years ago, don't upset me now.  I can see things differently.  Sometimes, I'll read a blog post by a younger blogger and I'll remember feeling that same way as they are at the moment.  And then I'll think how it is different for me now.

My spiritual growth, however, hasn't always been growing with me.  I was stuck for a few years.  I wasn't growing spiritually. Sometimes (I hear) that happens. But I have been progressing.  My faith has help deal with situations I didn't know what to do with.

 Do I have regrets? I think we all do.  Sometimes it would be nice to have a time traveling delorean to go back and fix mistakes.  I asked my pastor wife about the decisions that we make, the outcome and how it all connects. She told me, "Think of it as this, you are on a boat.  The boat is on one path. But you can do many things on the boat while it is going in one direction:" She is in another part of the country now and I haven't seen her in a few years, but that story has always stuck with me.

Here's to 37........ Again

Friday, November 6, 2015

Write Daily

I have a few minutes before Terry and J come home from hockey.  Ri was too tired to go and watch tonight.  So, I stayed home with her and E. Not that I accomplished much.  But some days are like that. E and Ri are both in bed and sleeping.  Tomorrow we have hockey, very early.  One starts at 7am, the other at 8am at a different rink. 

Some of my post, really may be bland and not say much, but I want to try to write daily.  I have been encouraged reading posts on twitter and instagram about writing every day.  And I thought to myself, I should do that.  When I was younger I was always writing stories and scripts. Back then it was either on a typewriter or hand written.  I really wish I would have kept what I wrote, to look back at my ideas.  I have been thinking about writing a fictional story, more like a fictional blog about a girl with a bit of a wild side then her life changes. But we'll see.

Yesterday I was unsure if I should nap or not.  I did, but it wasn't enough, felt groggy afterwards.  And last night, Little IT cried, I nursed him, put him back in his crib and he cried again. Last week, I let him in our bed and cuddled him. He slept with us for a bit and I put him back to bed. But this week when I tried that, he would just flop around.  Not very comfortable at all. So, I spent a long time rubbing his hair for him to fall asleep in his bed.

Today the older kids had a half a day.  After school, they played at the playground for a bit and we had Pita Pit for lunch.  We don't do take out very often, but Pita Pit was good!  They have a gluten free option which is so great because I can eat a pita with the rest of the family.  The rest of the afternoon we ran errands.

I think my husband and son are home. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

To Nap or Not to Nap?

I have been up since 4am.  It is now 8:47am and Little IT is finally sleeping.  The older kids are at school and hubby is at work.  The cat is snoozing on my bed.  My coffee cup is empty and I am still awake. Do I go to  bed and get the much needed sleep? Or do I stay up and work on the daily chores?  Still deciding.

J and Ri were a little sleepy for school this morning.  Last night we took them to the Acadia hockey game.  It was minor hockey night.  The kids wore their jerseys and got into the game for free! I am not sure how much hockey was watched (kids played a lot with the other hockey kids), but lots of food was eaten and I am pretty sure they had a good time.  Acadia won in overtime. 

Tomorrow is a half a day of school and hubby is home. I'm thinking about dropping off our used K-Cups to Wheatons, it is about a 20 minute ride, but it is a beautiful drive and I love the fall colours.  My camera got water soaked over the summer and I haven't bought another one.  So, I have been asking hubby to use his phone to take pictures. Which really annoys him I think, but he keeps handing me his phone. Although I love my phone (blackberry curve), his iphone something takes much better pictures. I want to take more fall photos.

During this post, my mind has wondered, maybe my brain does need sleep so I can function for the rest of the day.  But have I waited too long?  Will my little guy wake up as I sneak into the room and crawl into the cold unmade bed?  Or Will he let me fall asleep and then very cutely say "Mum, Mum, Mum"  Or will I drift into dreamland and we both sleep until lunch?

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lost in Motherhood

I'm sitting at my computer, green tea (trying to limit the coffee today) steaming out of one of my favourite mugs and my little guy (E) is whining from his crib.  Please just fall asleep, I say over and over in my mind. In about an hour and a bit, I will leave and pick up the other two from school.

I have an hour and a bit.  Looking around our place, you could say "Might need more time than that".  Very true.  There is an over flowing laundry basket on the living room floor, Costco paper towels that hubby brought home on the living room couch. Beds are unmade, clothes on the bathroom floor.  And supper has to be made.  Ri has hockey this evening around supper time.  It is much easier to come home to a cooked meal than trying to make something last minute when you have no last last minute meals.  Yes, a slow cooker meal would be perfect for a day like this.

This morning hubby left for work really early, so he could home early to help take Ri to hockey.  I tried getting E to sleep this morning, but it was a no go.  So, I ended up taking a semi sleepy little one to Bible Study.  He played there, ate there and the last ten minutes there, he nursed and fell asleep.

Why am I sitting here, sipping green tea and really writing about nothing? Because I never write anymore. I know I am not a fantastic writer but it is something I do enjoy. I love to read but haven't read a book in forever, sitting outside with a cup of coffee on a fall day was my favourtie thing to do.  It has been years since I did that. Yes, I have read those "Don't forgot about yourself" articles too.

But I haven't been doing even the little things for myself.  Putting on make up and doing my hair seems like such a chore now. Now a days, I think of my husband, the kids, the household, friends, activities and did I spend enough time with God today?  And then I have the guilt feeling of not of done enough or have done it the right way.

I see these moms on twitter and instagram smiling make up, lipstick, hair done moms.  And I look down at myself in a stained shirt, comfy pants and think to myself  "What are you doing?"

There is just under an hour now before I go get the kids, my green tea is nearing the bottom, E has finally fallen asleep. Supper still has to be made, the laundry still has to be folded, but for a half hour or more, I spent time time enjoying something that is for me.